Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hello Hello!

Hello friends,

I'm writing to let you all know I will be working on some new projects and making some posts soon.. It's been a busy and trying time for me these last 6 weeks and I haven't had my creative drive lately..

I will be getting creative this weekend....


Friday, March 16, 2012

It's March and that means St. Patty's Day is coming..

Hello friends,
Just wanted to share the card I'm mailing out as a Thank you for this week. It is perfect for a St. Patty's theme...
The die is Spellbinders Label 18 and a petite stamp from Taylored

Have a Happy Weekend and St. Patty's Day...


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

HAPPY Spring Fling Blog Hop day 3~ CSDIVAS

Welcome to day 3 of our fabulous Spring Fling Blog Hop for Creative Scrapbooking Divas. This Hop has been such fun.. I hope you have had the opportunity to participate and comment each day.

I have a fun card to share with you today.. I love taking time to create cards for special people in my life not just special events. I create cards to express my love and gratitude for friendship.

Have you ever had a day where life seems to be so over whelming and any small act of kindness can really cheer you? Each of us have that opportunity to channel our creative diva and send a personal greeting just because..

I created the following card to send to a friend just because... There doesn't have to be a reason to send love and cheer..

The card is done on Kraft cardstock that looked a little plain after adding my flower and sentiment elements so I took a distress ink pad and did a pad to paper effect so as to purposely make the card look like I painted the edges roughly. I felt it added to the cards overall flair..

Thank you for stopping by my page and Enjoy the rest of the Hop..


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Welcome to day 2 of the Spring Fling Blog Hop with CSDIVAS

Hello friends, I hope you have been enjoying the fabulous projects throughout the hop.. I've been inspired to mix religous versus on my cards for Spring.. The season brings us Easter and my faith is strong all year round so I've designed a card that's simple and elegant..

Using Spellbinders Label 18 and The Craft's Meow label stamp set, I created the base sentiment for my card. The label has a small floral design is I believe its elegance is a perfect match fot my sentiment from Verve Stamps. The curvy cross stamp and matching die is also from Verve..

to finish up the cards edges try sponging a like color around the edges..

Enjoy the hop everyone..


Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Fling Blog Hop 2012 ~ CSDIVAS

Welcome to our first Hop of 2012 for Creative Scrapbooking Divas.. Our Spring Fling Hop brings ideas of flowers and faith for Easter is coming. I'm so excited to share a great product I've just discovered.. Have you all heard of Flower Soft? It is a fiber type product used to add dimension to various flower projects.
This product is so great.. To apply to your card use the glue available and dot the areas you'd like covered and with the use of a small bowl pour all flower soft inside and fluff with your fingers to seperate the fibers. Once you are ready to add the flower soft hold your project over the bowl and sprinkle away.. You should tap excess off into the bowl.. and just like that you get fantastic 3D results..

I hope you can see the fabulous colors and realistic look of the fibers on my large flower.. I found the verse stamp through Verve Stamping and I love the versitility it provides.. I keep a few cards handy in case I have a special person to cheer.

Happy Hopping! Liz

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Make your card sets and keep them handy

Hello Friends,

Just wanted to share a new card set I made today.. I was challenged by my friend Michelle Sanchez to pull out a stamp set and a die set and make multiple cards.. I'm doing three sets however this is the first one completed..

I love creating one of a kind cards.. and sets are fabulous gifts...

Happy Kreating..