Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Hello everyone, 

When you get up in the morning and roll out of bed what is routine? Do you head for the coffee pot to brew a cup? or Do you think hmmm, do I have time for a Coffee stop before work? I KNOW~ most of you will answer, oh yeah! to one of these questions... 

I have a COFFEE Business with the most SCRUMPTIOUS varieties of the Healthier cup of Coffee you will find anywhere.. 

My Gano Cafe, is OPEN FOR BUSINESS! 

Please show your support by visiting my website. I'd appreciate being able to serve your coffee/tea needs. I AM AVAILABLE WITH FUNDRAISING OPTIONS.. I'd be happy to incorporate a program for Relay for Life.. 

My variety is wide and I have teas and hot chocolate too.. 

Take a look.. Place your order and experience the difference.. I appreciate all referrals and would love it if you share this info on your pages.. 

I'M GANO EMPOWERED... You can be too..
Thank you all in advance.. Liz 

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