Monday, January 30, 2012

Alzheimer's is a Horrible disease... Help me in the FIGHT!

Hello Friends,
I am very passionate about Alzheimer's Disease. My father suffers and just on Saturday we experienced the scariest thing.. It was 11am and I walked passes my parents bedroom and saw the room empty. I walked to our family room and saw my mom taking a nap sitting up on the couch. I asked, Mom where is Dad? and she said, oh he's sleeping. I informed her he wasn't in the room. (sidebar- my dad gets very confused and disoriented and doesn't like walking around) I searched every room in our house and panic set in. My dad was gone.. I ran into the living room and saw the door closed but unlocked. In my jammies, I ran outside and started yelling dad... nothing... Paul in the mean time got our keys and started driving around the neighborhood. I drove around too and my mom stood home.. We searched everywhere and stopped anyone walking to ask if they've seen my dad.. Finally after what seemed like hours, I came upon a black truck and pulled up aside him.. I started to ask about seeing my dad and the man moved back and there was my dad sitting next to him..
You don't know how happy I was...
My dad had wandered 4 blocks away in his pjs, no shoes and was found by this very kind man. The man had driven him around for approx 35 min before I found them.  My dad couldn't tell the man his name nor did he know how to find our home... If you have a family member or friend with Alzheimer's you know how incredibly scary and sad this disease is..  I see my father suffering and over the past year he has had so many additional medical conditions. I need to be his voice.. I have started a team and we accomplished out first fundraising walk last Oct.
Today, I ask you to help. Use your voice and signature... Below is a link to the foundations petition.
If you can find a few minutes to read it and sign it I'd appreciate it so so much..

From my family and I...I thank you dearly!



  1. Just to let you know, Liz...I signed the Petition. Praying for you, your dad, and your family - God bless you, sweetie.