Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ribbon Organization time...

Hello Friends,

I was looking through my ribbons bin today to find a little something special and I finally got bothered by the small zip-loc of tangled organza.. I've had this bag through the years and as I get pretty gifts with organza, I save it and add it to my stash..
Here is what I was working with.. LOL
AWE! Right??

I have been wanting to iron the ribbon with a very light touch of the iron to straighten then colors and get these organized. I tend to only use the nice spooled ribbons in my collection. Time to put my idea to the test.. I brought out a towel and my iron and got to work. Very carefully tap the ribbon with the iron and make sure not to burn them. I used cardstock scraps of kraft and white paper to wrap the now flat ribbons and organize them by color..

Here's the finished result..

I can now organzie my ribbons bin and have them look pretty.. LOL

Happy Organizing!


  1. Gee i wish i had that much organza that I could do what you did. Super job - now everything is nice and neat. So much better when we can see what we have hehe

  2. Good for you, Liz. This looks fabulous and I know you feel fabulous for having it so well organized. Maybe you will even inspire me to organize something. I always feel so good after I do it.