Sunday, January 15, 2012

from Plain to FABULOUS

Hello Friends,

I've had a great time today decorating a Journal for a very special Teenager... This month my BFF's daughter turns 13... As you all know these are the precious years that will shape her and her character.. I picked up a few blank journals from Target to keep around just for this type of special occasion..  I took one out and because she loves PINK, I made it special just for her with a private message on the inside flap.  I also Kreated a special bday card so on Tuesday I will be at the post office bright and early getting her gift ready for send off...

I've taken a couple of pictures to show a before and after.. The purple journal is still blank ready for the next gift need.

I hope she loves it...



  1. thanks Teresa, I added some bling afterall.. I can't wait for the recipient to get her surprise package..